Friday, August 12, 2016


            Max Blumenthal, one of the most influential progressive journalists in the world, has officially exonerated Abby Martin on charges of "Trutherism." Max’s judgment came down after Robert Mackey, currently with The Intercept, who while working for the New York Times publicized a 2008 video of Abby declaring 9/11 an“inside job,” once again criticized her formerly held assertion. Max quickly rushed to Abby’s defense, saying that she has never expressed that view on her TV shows, and even posted a 9/11 centered episode of her RT program Breaking the Set, defying Mackey to find any “trutherism.” When Mackey responded by posting the aforementioned 2008 San Diego rally, Max declared it to be McCarthyism. Abby proceeded to like Max’s tweets, and she also failed to even try and defend the millions of good and decent people worldwide who have questioned and challenged the official government and media narrative of what really happened on 9/11. In doing this, Abby has allowed Max Blumenthal, who has himself expressed anti 9/11 truth sentiments, to slander those brave enough to challenge the official 9/11 narrative, and she has also given him the ability to set parameters on what is and is not acceptable discourse within “progressive” circles. This is not the first time Max has played the role of thought police in trying to determine what people can and can’t talk about in order to maintain respectability as a journalist or activist. 
             Robert Mackey, the media hack who used Abby’s 9/11 past to attack her at a time when she was facing intense media scrutiny, is a disgusting human being. That said, he is not the issue here. The issue here is the possible consequences and ramifications of the actions of Abby Martin. Not only has Abby effectively abandoned the principled stance she once held on 9/11, but she has also allowed Max Blumenthal with his long history of character assassination against good and honest people of principle to define what passes as acceptable 9/11 discourse. Max has no problem with discussion about the involvement of Saudi Arabia and the recently released 28 Pages, which puts him in the same camp as CNN, the New York Times, and 60 Minutes, all of which have given the matter extensive coverage, yet anyone who goes deeper than that has been and will be subjected to slander and ridicule from the same media sources that promote the Saudi connections in a positive light. This is similar to Max’s behavior in dealing with critics of the conflicts in Libya and Syria, which is no surprise considering that Max’s father Sidney Blumenthal aided Hillary Clinton in removing Gaddafi and achieving regime change in Libya. And Max hasn't tried to distance himself or even express disagreement with his father's actions. Whatever her motivations are, Abby Martin’s courtship of Max Blumenthal coinciding with her abandonment of the cause of 9/11 truth and justice is something that needs to be discussed, as giving someone like Blumenthal the ability to set parameters of acceptable 9/11 discussion could have huge negative ramifications for the 9/11 justice movement and truth telling efforts in general.